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Verizon Media has a number of smaller companies. In addition to large brands, it has also realized the power of digital and online marketing, and the number of advertisers is on the rise. He said that the company saw about 25-30% of new advertisers who had never advertised on Verizon’s platform. Small businesses also realize that many of their customers are online, so they can be found there.

Nowadays, many of them still believe that if they want to expand beyond a small city or a state, they can conduct online marketing and cover the entire country. Some of these local or ultra-local companies have long been unable to do this point. Although some of these trends have begun, they have accelerated due to the pandemic. Now, this has not happened in the past two months, but it took two to three years. The official said: “He said that we saw new categories and started digital advertising. These categories include consumer product companies, online gaming companies, and service-oriented companies such as plumbing, electricians, etc.”

Advantages of Advertising: 12 advantages of advertising-explained!

The main advantages of advertising are: (1) launching new products on the market; (2) expanding the market; (3) increasing sales; (4) fights competition; (5) enhancing goodwill; (6) educating consumers, (7) Eliminate middlemen, (8) quality products, (9) support sales, (10) more job opportunities, (11) lower the prices of newspapers and magazines, (12) higher living standards!

The benefits of advertising are manifold. It is one of the most important parts of the marketing process.

This is beneficial to manufacturers, traders, consumers, and society as a whole. Advertising has the following advantages.

(1) Launching new products on the market

Advertising plays an important role in launching new products on the market. It stimulates people to buy products.

(2) Expanding the market

It enables manufacturers to expand their markets. It helps to explore new markets for the product and retain existing markets. Even communicating with customers living in remote and remote areas, it plays a key role in expanding the marketing of the manufacturer’s products.

(3) Increasing sales

Advertising promoted the mass production of goods and increased sales. In other words, as sales increase, sales can be increased by increasing advertising expenditures, and sales expenses will decrease.

(4) Fights competition

Advertising is greatly helpful in meeting the forces of competition prevalent in the market. Continuous advertising is very essential in order to save the product from the clutches of the competitors.

(5) Enhancing goodwill

Advertising helps increase people’s attention. It introduces people to manufacturers and their products. Repeated advertising and better product quality have brought manufacturers more reputation and increased attention.

(6) Educating consumers

Advertising is educational and dynamic in nature. It familiarizes customers with new products and their diverse uses and introduces them to new uses of existing products.

(7) Eliminate middlemen,

It aims to establish a direct connection between manufacturers and consumers, thereby eliminating marketing intermediaries. This increases the profits of the manufacturer, and consumers obtain the product at a lower price.

(8) Quality products

Different products are advertised under different brand names. Branded products can ensure to provide consumers with standard quality products. Manufacturers provide consumers with high-quality products and try to win consumers’ confidence in their products.

(9) Support sales

Advertisements greatly promote the work of salesmen. Customers are already familiar with the products sold by the salesman. The salesman’s sales work has been greatly supplemented by advertising. Correctly point out, “Sales and advertising are cups and saucers, hooks, keys, and locks.”

(10) More job opportunities

Advertising provides and creates more employment opportunities for many talented people, such as painters, photographers, singers, cartoonists, musicians, models, and people working in different advertising companies.

(11) Lower the prices of newspapers and magazines

Advertising is a great help in reducing the cost of newspapers and magazines. The distribution costs of newspapers are mainly paid for by the advertisements in them.

(12) Higher living standards!

The experience of advanced countries shows that advertising has an important responsibility for improving people’s living standards. In the words of Winston Churchill: “Advertising nourishes men’s spending power and creates a demand for improved living standards.” By making consumers aware of a variety of different varieties and better quality products,  It has played a significant role in improving the living standards of developing economies such as India.

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