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What is Business Plan Consulting Services?

Business plan consulting is the process of hiring external third-party consultants to provide strategic advice. The type of advice provided to the business will depend on the factors affecting the business. Business plan consulting services for startups will be different. Similarly, for established international organizations, the services provided by consultants will also be different. Depending on the type of business, the business plan will be different.

Types of businesses using consulting services


Preparing a business plan for a startup is different from preparing a business plan for a multinational company. Start-ups are considered emerging companies. According to the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), a start-up is defined as a recently established company. If the service period of a company does not exceed ten years from the date of establishment, it is called a start-up. According to this definition, if a company has been established for less than ten years, it is still a start-up company.

Developing business for start-ups will include the following:

  • Develop a start-up business plan.
  • Set the goals of the startup.
  • Select the physical form that must be merged at startup.
  • Start budget analysis.
  • Comply with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations.
  • Initiate risk framework and mitigation measures.
  • Monitor startup activities after startup.


SME is the abbreviation of  Small and Medium enterprises. SME is an organization that has been in business for many years. However, compared with start-ups, business plan consulting services for SMEs will be different.

Developing business for SME will include the following:

  • Changes in SME action plans and goals.
  • Strategic recommendations on crisis scenarios.
  • Funding options for SMEs.
  • Recommendations on compliance.

Multi-National Companies

Multinational companies are entities incorporated globally. These companies laid the foundation for their business activities in India.

For a multinational company, the business plan will focus on the main areas:

  • Diversification of services and new products.
  • Improve the strategy of multinational companies.
  • Expansion opportunities for multinational businesses.
  • The business plan continues.

What role does a business planning consultant play?

Business plan consultants play an important role in implementing business plan consulting services. The business plan consulting company should outline the business activities. On this basis, the company can analyze the factors that make a strategic business plan. In the business plan consultation, consultants have the following responsibilities

Developing a Strategic Business Plan 

Business plan consulting services include the development of strategic plans for different types of businesses. Whether it is an entrepreneur or an established entity, the business plan consultant must develop strategic recommendations. Consultants can learn about business goals by studying the company. In addition, consultants can also communicate with the main directors of the business to understand their goals. Based on this, the consultant can draft a business plan to include the key goals and parameters that the business must achieve.
Specific business plan activities
If the organization’s budget is tight, consultants can provide advice to the company based on specific goals. For example, a startup company may need specific advice on human resources. In this case, the consultant can provide them with advice on human resource activities.

Tailoring the Business

Business plan consulting also includes tailor-made business plans based on the main purpose and objectives of the business. This goal can be achieved when the consultant understands the specific strategy of the business. Consultants are free to provide advice on implementing such strategies. However, it is essential to develop a business plan to achieve business goals.


Business planning consulting companies not only provide business planning advice to business organizations but also play a vital role in guiding organizations. When implementing a business plan in an organization, the role of a consultant is to ensure that the organization achieves the goals and principles set out in the business plan. If there are potential problems, the business plan professional should propose measures to mitigate any losses to the organization.

Budget analysis

Planning is one of the main activities carried out by business planning consulting companies. Budget analysis is also developing into one of the main functions of business plan consulting companies. Budget analysis should be understood as calculating the budget of a specific organization and drafting a business plan based on business needs. In this way, the organization can estimate the expected results of the business plan with a limited budget.

Pros of Business Plan Consulting Services

Expert Guidance

Any organization, whether it is a start-up or a mature multinational company, needs a business plan. The business plan consulting services provided to the organization will come from experienced professionals such as chartered accountants, lawyers, and company secretaries. Your company will achieve all strategic goals through streamlined recommendations from expert-level experts. At Enterslice, you can rely on expert assistance from qualified experts to develop your business plan.

Key method

The method provided by the business plan consulting company is simple. Following this approach will enable the organization to achieve all its goals. At the same time, organizations can explore new areas of business.

Saving time

A business plan prepared by a business plan consulting company can save time. This option is very useful if a business or start-up wants to get advice on business strategy immediately. Organizations using this method will not have to waste unnecessary time hiring internal professionals to engage in their business to implement various strategies. Outsourcing business planning consulting services is one of the easiest ways to organize.


Organizations can limit the budget requirements used to prepare business plans. In addition to this, implementing a business plan for the organization is cost-friendly. Business plans can be limited to specific business goals. Therefore, organizations that use business planning consulting companies will save time and costs at the same time.

Challenges in Consulting

There are some challenges in business plan consulting, which have greatly affected the organization’s implementation strategy. The following are the challenges that affect business plan consulting:

Contradictory opinions

This is a potential challenge in developing a business plan. Once the business plan consulting company has formulated the business plan, it cannot be implemented due to conflicting views between the business executive and the business plan consulting company. In many cases, conflicting views can affect the implementation of business plans.

Technology challenges

Technological progress and digitalization have disrupted the way companies operate. Business plan consulting companies must understand the relevant technologies that destroy the business environment. Without any form of knowledge, business plan consultants will not be able to adjust business needs based on changing market preferences. Digital technology factors such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and big data have disrupted the market. Therefore, the business plan consulting company must match the evolving market needs with the organization.


Due to budget constraints and other regulatory challenges, implementation pressure is high, which is a challenge for organizations.

Business plan consulting services provided by 


At FAUCONE, we understand your business needs and advise you on implementing your business plan. Our recommendations include the following:
Initially, we have a discussion to understand your business needs. We ensure that specific recommendations are tailored to your business needs.
We need to review specific documents and information about your business during the initial meeting. Our team of experts will review the following information:
  •  The financial situation of the organization.
  •  Any drafts related to the business plan.
  • Other information is conducive to the implementation of the business plan.
After preliminary discussions, we will negotiate the terms of the transaction with your company.
After that, we will start to prepare a business plan according to your business requirements. The draft business plan we executed will include the following:
a) Introduction to Business.
b) Information about the executive summary.
c) Business products.
d) Financial forecasts.
e) The final outline of the business plan.
In the final stage, we will provide you with a draft business plan. We will develop a business plan based on the comments you provide; therefore, if necessary, we will make any changes to the business plan.
F A U C O N E is a recognized Brand in developing business plans for start-ups and SMEs
F A U C O N E experts have assisted in the organization of business planning activities.
We have a diversified professional team composed of chartered accountants, corporate and regulatory experts.
We have extensive experience in transactions and business-related matters.




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